Split Roller Bearing

split roller  bearing
split roller bearing

Making Dumplings in Winter Solstice

Today, Luoyang Longda Bearing Company organized a activity of making dumplings in canteen. The winter solstice is coming, but we have to stay on our position to work, and it is not a easy thing. In order to enhance the cohesion of the company, to make colleagues feel the warmth from the family company, Longda organized this activity. We all come from different places, so everyone’s dumplings are not the same in appearance and patterns. We get together, talking and laughing. Although weather is a bit cold, we all make dumplings in full swing. Under our efforts, everyone eat hot dumplings, and each person’s face also filled with the happiness.


The Successful Exhibition of LDB in India

On December 25-29, 2015, LDB Company attended the EXCON 2015. This exhibition was held by CII, the Confederation of Indian Industry. The exhibition was held in Bangalore International Exhibition Center (BIEC). This big event attracted thousands of exhibitors and customers from all over the world, because this is South Asia’s biggest event on Construction Equipment and Technology. We LDB had attended this exhibition in 2009.
This time, we also got much business opportunities and potential customers. During this exhibition, our old friend Asish also visit us. Of course, he help us a lot. We thank him very much.

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Hot Sales Product is Excavator Slewing Ring

With the development of construction project, engineering machinery is becoming more and more important, excavator slewing ring is included in this field.

Luoyang Longda Bearing company is a professional excavator slewing bearing supplier, who can provide excavator swing circle, slewing drive, excavator swing ring and so on.

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